August 2019 proofs release does confirm the value of INSEME Italian Genetics genomic sires portfolio!

Giordano is still at the top of the Italian genomic list: milk and components, excellent conformation, good udder health and longevity. His data are all confirmed after this proof run. He is freely available, both sexed and conventional.

Faletti, Munari and Mantegna are three genomic bulls capable of bringing high quality production for cheese production. Good milk, exceptional fat and protein percent combined with conformation and wellness: the perfect example of Italian genetics!

Bernini is another confirmation of all this: production, components, good conformation, udder health and great wellness (+1,074 DWP$). A2A2.

Enterprise: Mr. Wellness bull, his value for fitness traits continues to be incomparable worldwide.

Splendido: average productions with very interesting components and superior wellness, you're going to hear more about this bull.


A few good bulls were added to the genomic portfolio in this August run. Some worth mentioning are:

Eduardo is an interesting Perseus out of a Battlecry from Cirio Agricola coming from one of the most important founder cows in the Holstein breed: Windy-Know View Pledge EX 95. He transmits good production with great conformation and excellent fitness. A2A2 for Beta Casein.

Habitus: a Pharo with a very deep pedigree on is dam side descending from Snow-N Denises Dellia EX 95.  Nine generations of VG or EX cows. Great production with positive fat and protein content, good conformation and average fitness.

Sorrento: the highest among Italian born bulls for fat kg:109! Among the best Hotline sons. Good production and conformation. Fat plus protein yield +180kgs – the 2nd best in in Italy.

Briatore is a conformation bull, the second best for udder composite and fourth on the list for type. From the Regancrest-Pr Barbie EX92 family. All combined with good production and good daughter fertility.

Raffaello: this Enterprise son confirms his sire value for wellness trait (+202$ DW$ and over 890 for DWP$) combining this with good production and great conformation traits. K-Casein BB and A2A2 for Beta Casein.

Dannunzio, Cecchino and Duccio add to the Sound System Family and join Bramante, Marzemino and Niven in INSEME bull portfolio. The Sound System Legacy continues to bring sound genetics, as its name guarantees!

On the picture: Royal Idevra Giordano, the Italian genomic Leader


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