There were no changes in the genetic evaluation in Italy, but since the Italian population is genetically connected with US bloodlines, the Italian proofs were affected by the changes in the fertility traits official genetic evaluation model introduced by CDCB, to increase the reliability and the stability of daughter fertility proofs.

The effect on Italian proofs was a slight decrease in daughter fertility and consequently in all the combined indexes that contain daughter fertility: PFT, IES and ICS-PR.

In spite of that, the August run was an important one for INSEME, with newly proved good bulls and a lot of confirmations.

Having considered the fertility effect, this proof run confirms the value of all INSEME proven bulls:

  • INSEME has 6 of the top 10 proven bulls for GPFT and places Jenson first, Rodanas second, Betancur 3rd and Manacor 4th!
  • In the Economic indexes list INSEME has 7 out of the best 10 in the IES list.
  • Inseme has 4 out of 10 in the ICS-PR proven bulls list.

Jenson is top of the list for protein production and three INSEME bulls are at the top for Milk production. Last but not least Fontaine confirms himself as the best proven bull for Type and Chapeau is the best for Feet & Legs composite.

Jenson confirms his data with 108 daughters in 68 herds: good production and very wide cows with great feet & legs. Very easy calving and A2A2.

Rodanas: is now close to having 2000 daughters in the evaluation. Nice strong cows, tremendous udders. High components.

Fontaine: jumps to +3.07 for type. Extreme udder health.

Jedi: confirms its value and improves his proof for udder. He is now number 2 in Italy (+3.64), KBB & A2A2.

Secretariat: is now a brand on its own. His daughters continue to impress for consistency, lactation after lactation. A2A2.

Manacor: improved since his first proof and is now 4th in the ranking with over 86 daughters in milk. He improves for production; he is now +1379 for milk with quite high percentages fat and protein. His daughters show a lot of dairy strength.

Belinelli: confirms his data, average production with very high quality, A2A2.


Betancur is the best newly proven bull in Italy. Milk, very high and wide udders and that is what his daughters will bring to your herd. Good production with positive percentages combined with good wellness.

Vanhalen is at his first proof with over 160 daughters in over 90 herds. He confirms all his qualities. His production will improve over time. Breeders say his daughters are very modern, functional daughters with good udders and a lot of milk! A2A2.

On the picture: Go-Farm Betancur Minneapolis VG86 



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