April 2020 genetic evaluation run will be remembered, by far, for being Sound System’s value certification.

Mirabell SOUND SYSTEM EX94 dominates the proof and ranks 1st on the Italian list for GPFT, IES, and TYPE!!!.

A world-class breeder, he has almost 47,000 registered AI and over 9,000 females born: its impact on our population will be very strong. His pedigree sees the best of international genetics: Silver, Supersire, Shottle and Goldwyn; a family of exceptional and productive cows developed in the Mirabell farm in Brescia.
Sound System transmits excellent breeder profile: milk with high fat and protein content, great type (best bull on type) and good data on longevity, milking speed and semen fertility.

What the farmers say about Sound System:

"Sound System' s daughter are very wide, have a great body condition and show a lot of dairy strength. They mature early and are average to high in size but very well balanced. Rumps are perfect: wide and well angled. Their legs have high bone quality that result in an ideal locomotion. Their udders are very well attached, wide and strong. Teats are average to short in length but always well centered. Very seldom they lose milk but are very fast in milking. Their production is always very high: 50 kg per day first calvers are not an exception. We have observed a great stability in his transmission model. Exceptional style to their breeders satisfaction!"

Holbra Inseme RODANAS confirms his outstanding position in the top ranking. Rodanas is one of the most brilliant Doorman sons on the world stage. The dam, Holbra Snowman Sana VG89, is very interesting and famous all over the world as well with a 2nd lactation of over 18.700kg yield, 3.2% fat and 3.4% protein. Sana is one of the tallest Snowmans in Europe. The grand dam, Holbra Paulona VG85, is demonstrating exceptional transmission qualities with its lineage that is now widespread all over the world. Behind we have O-Man VG87, Morty EX90, Durham VG88, Rudolph EX90 and then Golden Oaks Mark Prudence EX95 GMD DOM.
Rodanas transmits good productions combined with excellent deviations on fat and protein and excellent persistence, excellent morphology (in the top 20 for UC and F&L) and good functional data. He is the 1st bull in Italy for somatic cells.

Heuer Balisto JENSON EX93 is confirmed at the top of the GPFT list. He is a son of Balisto who originates from one of the best families in Europe who has his main core at Jurgen Hintze's Wendland Holsteins, in Trebel, north-east Germany. Many of the cows at the top in Europe for RZG and GTPI are found in this farm and often came out of the J family that descends from Rilara Mars Lass Ravena EX91 GMD DOM. Ravena is the grandmother of Raven, an excellent Aerostar very popular in Italy in the 90s. The family grew up and produced a female line that gave birth to some breed leaders as Robust. Meanwhile embryos of Ellbank Airliner out of a Mountain out of Ravena arrived in Europe producing Airliner Janin EX 90 which, purchased by Hintze, created the dynasty of the J family. Jenson is the son of an Epic VG86 out of a Bronco VG85, grand dam Jefferson VG86, great-grand dam Laudan VG88 out of a Convincer VG87, daughter of Airliner.
Jenson expresses great production: 1st bull on kg of protein (85) and in the top 20 for milk yield; he excels in  F&L, daughter easy calving and longevity amongst the management characteristics.

Among the proven bulls, Rodanas, Jenson, Vanhalen, Secretariat, Camembert and Betancur, all confirming their genetic profile, complete the proven bull great value we can offer the international market.

Picture: Mirabell Sound System EX94

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